About Us

Welcome to the cost and gallery’s fashion color database or FCD for short. This project was developed over 12 years ago to provide you with a resource with an overwhelming amount of colors, their utilization, trends over the years, and descriptions.

Here you will find just about every known color beginning from the years of 600 A. D. To the 1930s. A great effort was made to document every possible color used in fashion.

The database you see here was inspired by a college assignment started in 1996 by the owner, Penny E. Dunlap Ladnier. During the beginning of the project, the project name was called “color names throughout the centuries”.

Fun fact: What was the prime reason behind this project? The desire to find out what the color “Dead Spaniard” looked like, and how its usage was applied in the 1500s.

The research for this project turned into a passion and desire to learn about my colors and how they apply towards our history with fashion.

This database is a collection of the author’s efforts brought to completion for all the world to view.