Three Unusual Tools in Success: Colors, Creativity, Innovation

People want to be successful in anything. You can find this in practically all areas of life, from school to sports to business and finance. It feels good to be successful most especially if it involves success using tools from Dorsey Wright. There are many technical analysis tools but the most unusual may be that of colors, creativity and innovation.


They comprise a mix of something from the world of art whose application you can literally apply to a field as complex as forecasting and tracking markets and their price changes and intricacies. While the tools are simple and commonplace, when you use it properly it can bring you success.


Everything around us is a mix of colors. You use color for identification and you use color to segregate. You identify things through color. Food gives you a different color when it is spoiled. Clothes give a different color when they have lost their luster. Even business indicates a different color when it goes bad. You always refer it to as you are in the red. Your personality indicates the color of the car that you choose, says some experts. Those who choose red are the showy type. If you happen to prefer the silver color, you are classified as the unassuming type.


Creativity is something innate in individuals. However, if you seldom use it, it does not get developed and then you start to lose it. When you call some as one who has lost creativity, it just shows that creativity was seldom or never used and so it got lost. In the area of technical analysis of markets in business DORSEY WRIGHT uses creativity to its maximum potential. You cannot afford to lose your money just because you were not creative enough. To survive the in uncertain world of markets, creativity is a must. The more you use it, the sharper you are and the more successful you become.


Innovation and creativity are two sides of the same coin. Innovation is usually used on something that is currently working well but you want it to work better. It is like looking for the sunrise constantly to avoid being drawn to the sunset. This can be excellent when finances are involved. When you are in a sunset situation it means that you have lost all your investment already. While the techniques developed by Dorsey wright have proved to be successful, the element of innovation still plays an important part on their use. If you do not innovate your approach, you will get stagnant and start to lose.


Tools are there to help you. This is what colors, creativity and innovation are all about. You can use them in whatever field, specialty or discipline you are in. You may just need to treat them differently. You may be too used to it that you do not realize how they can be use to bring you career success or financial success. Many may have used it without the realization that you can mix it with Dorsey Wright investment strategies.

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