3 Apps Perfect for Business Owners

Digital gadgets continue to become more mobile, increasing the popularity of apps. Tons of them are available.

We tend to think of apps being for personal use, but there are also apps for business owners.

Which ones should a company owner choose?

Although several quality apps for business owners exist, arguably these three are the top ones:

#1: Addappt

Business owners have tons of contacts, and it’s important to keep address books updated. Addappt is a mobile app that can help to achieve that goal. It allows contacts to update their information so you don’t have to worry about doing that. Addappt has actually been ranked as a top business/iOS app by ABC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc.

The app includes several key features that a business owner can benefit from. Contacts of friends and contacts can be stored privately in the address book. “Tapp” can send notifications by using one tap. Also, one can privately send quick group reminders, updates, reminders, etc.

Perhaps one of the best “features” of the app is that it’s free. This allows you an excellent method of storing your contacts, without spending a small fortune for the app. Running a business includes several responsibilities, but one of the key ones is to contact various people and organizations related to one’s company. The Addappt app can certainly help to keep them organized.

#2: Mailbox

This app is available for several platforms, including Android, iPad, iPhone, etc. It’s in invaluable tool for business owners. In fact, once one uses it, he or she will likely wonder how they ever survived without it.

Mailbox contains several key features. It allows mobile users a way to handle e-mails quickly and easily. Users can quickly move messages to an archive or trashcan. Also, conversations such as chats can easily be scanned. Also, if you want to read e-mails later, you can “snooze” them by using a single tap, and then read them later.

Another key benefit is that this app is 100% free, which means the money you save can be invested back into your company. This is definitely a plus considering how effective the app can be for your business.

#3: Evernote Business

This is easily one of the top productivity apps available. It’s a very popular mobile app for small business owners who have many ongoing projects at the same time. The main benefit of this app is that it makes collaboration smooth and manageable. That’s definitely key for running a business successfully.

The app includes several key features. You can take notes in a workspace that’s free of distractions. You can also create notebooks and add tags to keep the notes organized. You can also make to-do lists and check off the items that you’ve completed already. The app also allows you to share resources and ideas in a shared workspace, by using shared notebooks.

This app is free, and provides the option to get the premium version. Taking notes has never been so easy.

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