5 Steps to Write Good Content for your Business

Writing great content requires time and effort. Surprisingly, writing poor content requires much more effort and time.

Why not just do it right first time and acquire regular readers look forward to you publishing new content?

Featuring original content on your website, Google will show its appreciation by positioning you further up the search results.

They absolutely hate duplicated or un-original content and will do everything in their power to punish you accordingly, even if it means making your website disappear from the search results.

Writing original content

As mentioned before, Google rewards websites based on the efforts they put out. If you copy work or even copy and paste content from other websites, you will receive a penalty from Google.

By having the original content is also means coming up with original ideas are unique to you. Rehashing content is not the same as stringing sentences together with your own words.


Common thoughts that will get you into trouble: 


  • We need lots of content, but how can we get it as cheaply as possible?


  • Why not use a bot or software to scrape the web for articles?


  • After the bot has scraped the web, can we program the software to put sentences together to form a Frankenstein article?


  • Let’s outsource it to an Indian or non-native worker for pennies.

The bottom line is: typically the more you invest in content, the higher quality the articles will be.

Here are our 5 most effective recommendations for better Writing

1. Create attractive headlines

The headline is what will draw readers in so make it count. Don’t copy headlines of articles that are in the same genre as yours. Remember, we want original content.

If you’re not very good at creating strong headlines, consider looking for a title generator there’s plenty on the web.

Eventually, though, you will want to learn how to craft a master title.

2. Make your content informational

Most of the time your readers are looking for information on a particular subject. The readers are not going to be very happy if they stumble upon the same information copy and pasted on your website.

Before writing anything, make sure you research the topic well and perhaps even look for little-known facts about your particular subject.

3.- Do your research

Before posting any information in your articles, make sure that the information is true and relevant to your subject. If your article claims to have conducted any studies, link to the relevant studies at the bottom of the article. This establishes you as trustworthy and also shows that you know to talk about.

4. Watch who you are linking to

Make sure that if you link, the website is a safe place to visit and will not harm your visitors’ computers. You also need to make sure that any links towards other websites are high-quality and trustworthy.

5. Use pictures and videos

Most people don’t want to read a wall of text so include pictures and videos if at all possible. If the pictures of the video stumble onto you, make sure you give credit to their appropriate source. You may even need to acquire permission from the author.

Writing high-quality content is not particularly difficult, but it helps to have the correct mindset to either write the content yourself, or outsource it to another passionate writer.

Most Popular Colors for Cell Phones and What They Say About Your Personality

Buying a new cell phone isn’t just about picking the best features that you admire in your new phone.

Just when you decided which specifications and features matter most to you and your life, you’re faced with the decision of picking which color you like.


While picking the color may seem trivial to you, your choice of color sheds light on your personality whether you’re aware of it or not.

“It on 80% of our color choices are subconscious” explains color psychologist Angela Wright.


So what do these colors reveal about your personality?  in which one would suit you best? Read below to find out.


The color palette


√ Red- this color is often associated with risk takers who are bold. They’re passionate and connected with their emotions. This color is the one most frequently picked by youthful buyers.

√ Orange- optimism and warmth are often associated with this color. People that are connected and passionate about nature enjoy the glow and warmth of this color without being overwhelmed by the vibrant yellow.

√ Yellow-is vibrant color is not cherished by all and to some it may be overwhelming. It’s an optimistic color and the people that connect most with this color are often giddy with happiness.

√ Green- is most often associated with growth and money. These people are frequently peaceful and they enjoy exploring the outdoors.

√ Blue-is calming and this quality is one of the reasons why it’s frequently used throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities. People that wear this color are perceived as being loyal, trustworthy, and dependable.

√ Purple-expresses creativity, imagination, and idealism. People wearing this color perceived as happy go lucky.

√ White-most frequently used with luxurious and high-end products. The original color meaning signifies purity and perfection. It may also reflect sophistication.

√ Black-another color that is frequently used with luxurious and high-end products. This color is sleek and represents power and privacy.

Because of its inability to reflect light, may also be seen as mysterious or dangerous. The owner of this device is seen as authoritative, controlling, and organized.

√ Silver-one of the most popular colors and highly requested products today. Lovers of this color are frequently associated with being sophisticated, cool, and collected. It’s also highly requested due to its ability to compliment just about any product.

√ Brown-may represent stamina and patience. Owners are considered reliable, dependable and conservative in nature.


Color influences not only our purchases, but the way the world perceives us. You may not be aware of it, but the world may be judging you based on the colors you choose to wear, surround yourself with, or the color of your belongings.

These colors have a psychological impact on our brains and emotions. A simple color change can change the way we feel in a matter of seconds.

To learn more about how to use color to your advantage, we recommend you visit the following resources below.